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No matter how many times you
check, at least one little error
will always slip though the net,
which is not discovered until it is
too late, or until it is pointed out
to you by an ever-helpful reader/editor/client.

Luckily, that is where I come in.

Depending on the format of your document,
I will amend your work using either
Word Track Changes, or Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files.

I can also amend paper proofs on request.

My corrections and comments can then be
accepted or declined on the returned file.

If you prefer, I can also send you a "clear" copy showing all my corrections,
making it easier for you to see what the finished copy would look like.

I use the Guardian Style Guide unless requested otherwise.
M.C. from Jazzy Services wrote:
“Charlotte was very proficient
and clear, with a quick turnaround.

I would certainly
use Charlotte again
and highly recommend
her services.”

I offer two levels of editing service:

The main focus of proofreading is amending the document so that it is free from typos and unnecessary repetition, as well as any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.

I also check for accuracy and consistency – focusing on headings, captions, line spacing, indentations, font sizes, plus many more – in accordance with the brief and house style.

Light editing also involves checking sentence structures, and making sure that the correct meaning has been conveyed.

Copy-editing involves restructuring the text, making stylistic changes and providing suggestions for improvements.

As well as going through the aspects mentioned in my proofreading services, I ensure that the copy has been written in the correct voice/tone/register, with the correct audience and purpose in mind. This involves checking that the word usage is appropriate, and that the content is clear, concise and logical.

If you're not sure which service you need, feel free to send me your text,
and I will be able to advise you.

If you would like to discuss a proofreading or
editing project, or you need any further
information about how I can help you,
please get in touch.

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