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"Charlotte has an excellent eye
for detail, and picked up inconsistencies and details
that weren’t matching the style guide.

She also has a good grasp of English grammar
and punctuation (rare these days!)
and she turned the pages around
quickly, which is unusual
when combined with the attention
to detail she gave.

She is very easy to work with thanks to
good communication skills
and a nice manner.

I can certainly recommend her as
an editor and proofreader."

Catherine Chetwynd, Editor, HQ magazine

also has a good grasp of
English grammar"
“I recently used Charlotte’s services
for proofreading and copy-editing
for a new website.

Working with Charlotte was such a
pleasure; she was very proficient and clear,
with a quick turnaround.

I would certainly use Charlotte again
and highly recommend her services.”

MC, Director, Jazzy Services

“...Charlotte was
...very proficient and clear..."
"I was very impressed with the
turnaround time for the piece of work
Charlotte did for me.

Her observational skills keenly picked
up several spelling and grammatical errors
which were amended in a clearly identifiable way.

I would have no hesitation
in recommending

Lucy Cooke Mosaics

observational skills
keenly picked up several
“I must say I was quite shocked by how much
you caught after checking our articles
and I was really impressed.

After you had worked on our articles
I felt you had made them much more
professional, much more slick.
I was shocked at how rough they were before
you edited and checked it all.

I would definitely recommend you to others
for your thoroughness, professionalism and sheer skill,
as it is a real skill you have.

I would like to see your prices
as when our financial situation turns round
we will definitely be hiring you.

Thanks for showing me what you can do for us.”

Kathy Bishop, Editor, The Faith Companion

“...I felt you had made
them much more
much more slick....

...we will definitely
be hiring you..."

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